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This semester I am taking Digital Studies 101 as a part of this course we have modules with a variety of topics to choose from. In the classes second module I decided to take on the blogging module. Out of a list of various tasks we could take on for the module I decided to take on the task of actually blogging. A few times previously I had tried to start blogs on various topics. Ultimately however all of these blogs met the same end. All of those blogs were deleted or the content erased. There were a series of reasons for those blogs failings sometimes I neglected to post (in fact I don’t think any of my blogging attempts made it past 4 posts), I lost the password to the account or the account was shut down leaving no record of my postings, and finally very often I would go back a month later look at what I wrote cringe and delete the posts. The blogging module then offered a change to practice blogging in a more structured way that just maybe could result in me continuing to blog long term.

For the module there were a variety of angles that I could take for this project. Below are a list of some goals that my professor Dr. Whalen set up as a basis for the blogging module.



  • learn about the history of blogging
  • gain experience working with and customizing blogging platforms
  • develop a writerly “voice” as a blogger
  • use analytic tools to measure and grow engagement with an audience

For this project it is my goal to post daily until the presentation on Feb 26th. I will be trying to accomplish a series of tasks during this time including tracking how/if people look at my site, testing out blog formats, and figuring out how to structure a successful blog. Essentially I will be blogging on blogging. So stay tune for plenty of blog blog post.


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