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Fixing up a site

So the first step I started was formatting my blog to be appealing for people to visit it. When I made my first post I included a GIF at the end that I had made because I love GIFs. However originally I had trouble running the GIF so I started to look into themes and plugins to solve this issue. Turns out after more looking that it was an easy fix and I just needed to upload the full sized GIF, then I felt fully ready to proceed. Trying to figure out which theme I would use and how I would use media made me analyze the way people set up their blogs. So I decided to do a run through of blogs that people I knew ran to try and get a feel for what a blog can be and what it can do.

I started with looking at academic professional blogs. Specifically I looked at blogs of professors and UMW staff that I have interacted with, partially because I was interested in what they were doing. Also because I was interested in how voice operated in their blogs.

Common Trends

A common trend I noticed was scroll blogs where content was represented both in the scroll of the blog and in the menu. This format was most popular with individuals who are a part of work that involved technology directly.

Other popular formats were an opening page of background information with subsequent links into various parts of their sites or redirects to digital work.

Basically it was more interesting to explore the sites and compare and look into how each individual used it. However I could not decide if I should go into specifics about individuals sites or how I would qualify which sites I felt were good representations. Looking into the ways that professional academics shape their digital identities was an interesting exercise none the less and makes me inquisitive on the difference between students sites and professionals sites.


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