Today I worked with trying to optimize my blog to make it more effective for visiting and trying to see how effective I have been so far. Unfortunetly… I realized that contray to what I thought I had not actually downloaded any plugins for site statistics.


I always install Jetpack and Akismet whenever I download a WordPress install. However I made this blog originally before I knew anything about plugins. I was a bit over confident assuming that I just had my plugins all in order and thought I had just forgotten the Google analytics plugin. I was rather upset with myself that I did not think about that.


It did give me some good reminders about how blogs function though and the importance of building not only the front end of your site but also the back end. If you only set up the front end of your site it can work of course but it lacks a lot of functionality that can be useful for the site and site creater. Blogging is more then just putting up posts. It is about setting up how viewers experience and making sure that your site runs effectively for you and visitors.

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