Blogging at UMW

On any given week this semester I have anywhere between 2-4 blog posts due. Partially this is because many of my classes this semester are a part of the Digital Studies program. However, the University of Mary Washington as an institution very frequently offers course that incorporate digital technology such as blogging.

A great thing at Mary Washington that encourages professors to integrate so much blogging into their courses, is the fact that blogs are readably available to Mary Washington students. This availability comes through and awesome program called Domain of One’s Own.

Domain of One’s Own is a program that allows every student at Mary Washington to create their own personal domain. This domain can be anything that the student wants and has very few limits (other then no commercial ventures). For the years that the student is enrolled at Mary Washington they can build their own digital identity through this domain and any subsequent subdomains they create for free. Then six months after they graduate the student can choose to either take up payment for the domain or let it lapse and disappear. (There are currently somewhere around 20 universities who support Domain of One’s Own.)

This program allows Mary Washington students freedom to express and build their identities in ways that many have never had access to before in the past. For me personally I has given me the power to be a part of some incredible projects and build out my sites (including this one).

While I do not enjoy every single blog posting that my classes require I do understand the importance of understanding blogging and how to do it. Blogging is a part of life in a digital age and taking back control over their digital identities. The University of Mary Washington gives students the tools to take control of their digital identity in a way that helps shape student perception of the digital.

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