Blogging a Review

After yesterdays experimentation with list blogging I decided to try another format style of blogging. One of the potential formats of blogging that I could try and among those is the review format. At first I wondered what I could possibly review about blogging, then I realized I could  just review blogging itself.

Blogging a Review:

Blogging helps give people a voice that they can project out into the world to house their ideas and opinions. In this regard blogging is beneficial because it allows people a way to project themselves to a public audience outside social media platforms. (Although bloggers almost unanimously use social media as a way to push out notifications about blog updates.) Blogging with a passion usually draws other individuals into reading a blog either because the agree and embrace the blogger’s sentiment or because they want to start up a conversation on why they do not agree with the view point of the blogger.


However blogging can loose it’s effectiveness when it becomes over structured. Blogging with a deadline in mind is stressful. Trying to craft the perfect (or just average) post on a given day can make the blogging process go even slower. So far in my own goal of blogging daily I have found that it is easy to get bogged down by trying to stick to a topic and agonizing over if it is good enough for the world to see. (For me personally I have also had issues making sure I blog at a reasonable hour so that when I use social media to promote my work it has been a bigger audience that would see the work. So far all of my blog post have been uploaded later then I wanted.)


Another issue with blogging can be when blog posts are written not out of passion but for a designated purpose.For instance I have written quiet a few blog post in classes where the course material for that particular assignment was not something I was very interested in. Looking back on these blog posts they are less effective then those posts that I wrote for other courses where I was excited and enthusiastic about the subject of the blog post. If the author has no excitement for what they are writing on then blog posts loose their excitement.


All in all blogging is great in terms of expressing yourself and putting your messages out there. It can foster conversations and interactions that otherwise would not have occurred. However when blogging becomes an activity that is repeated not out of passion but out of requirement it can loose its effectiveness. Blogging then can run the risk of becoming mechanical and stilted. When blogs reach this point they lack the depth that draws people to start blogging. However that does not mean that they can not service some purpose and blogging should not be undertaken.

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