Over the last week plus I have being working through this blogging module and keeping a consistent daily blog on blogging itself. This process has produced a mixed result of rewarding moments and frustrating ones. As the final day of this module I want to end this process as a reflection on what I have […]

The Way Blogging is

When I started this blogging module I went to get clarification on what I was supposed to be writing about blogging. The response I got instead was a conversation. A conversation on what blogging itself really was, a conversation that many people have been arguing about since the term blog was first coined. Since my […]

Blogging at Universities

For today’s post I decided to look into how other universities offer blogging to their students. I was inspired after looking at the ways that Mary Washington offered blogging to it’s students to look outward and see how other universities offered blogging to their students. To accomplish this I tried reaching out to students at […]

Blogging at UMW

On any given week this semester I have anywhere between 2-4 blog posts due. Partially this is because many of my classes this semester are a part of the Digital Studies program. However, the University of Mary Washington as an institution very frequently offers course that incorporate digital technology such as blogging.

Students Blogging

For today’s daily posting I decided to look into how students at Mary Washington are using blogging. I started by looking through blogs run by friends of mine who attend the university. Since I work at the Digital Knowledge Center a few of the blogs that I looked towards belonged to my fellow tutor friends. Mainly I […]


Today I worked with trying to optimize my blog to make it more effective for visiting and trying to see how effective I have been so far. Unfortunetly… I realized that contray to what I thought I had not actually downloaded any plugins for site statistics. via GIPHY

Blogging a Review

After yesterdays experimentation with list blogging I decided to try another format style of blogging. One of the potential formats of blogging that I could try and among those is the review format. At first I wondered what I could possibly review about blogging, then I realized I could  just review blogging itself.


For this blog posts I decided to try out the list format of blogging. Lists are a frequently used as a brief way to introduce people to a topic in a simple and straight forward manner. Usually they incorporate GIFs, memes, or still images to convey a stronger connection with the text. Buzzfeed and Odyssey […]

Blogging on Blogging

This semester I am taking Digital Studies 101 as a part of this course we have modules with a variety of topics to choose from. In the classes second module I decided to take on the blogging module. Out of a list of various tasks we could take on for the module I decided to […]